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Makeup tools have changed drastically in the last a small number of years. Firstly, fingers were the finest tool for spread over foundation, then came cosmetics brushes which were an improved and more hygienic substitute. But according to cosmetic sponge manufacturers, makeup sponge hits them all with its proficiency to apply flawless makeup using the most negligible product.

Though, makeup sponges have changed too. Nowadays, beauty sponges derive in so many diverse shapes and sizes, making it challenging to pick the right one. Each form is considered for a specific purpose, and we will guide you over the uses of each one of them. Some of the most famous sponges you come across are Triangle sponges, and Pear shaped, Oval-shaped, multi-tasker sponges, and Triangle sponges by cosmetic sponge manufacturersbut let’s look at them before discussing them the hoe to choose one for yourself.

How Do I Choose A Makeup Sponge?

Before selecting a sponge, you need to look at certain factors like shape, size, and porousness. The porousness of a makeup sponge needs to look while selecting one for yourself. A blending sponge essentials to be absorbent yet not be visually porous. You should see no noticeable holes when selecting a blending sponge as you do with the loofa at your kitchen sink. Though with so many beauty blender choices, it can be overwhelming.

Choosing a beauty blender sponge shape is essential if you want that professional look without paying a specialist to apply your makeup. If you want a photo-worthy texture, you should be viewing for an egg-shaped beauty sponge. The egg shape permits you to use the more significant portion for application to the essential areas of your face (cheeks, forehead, etc.).

Types Of Sponges

Triangle Sponge

The triangle sponge has been about for a while now and is primarily used by expert makeup artists worldwide. Associated with other makeup sponges, they don’t scorch a hole in your pocket. They get the work done but may not be a perfect selection for beginners as the rigid lines make it hard to allocate the product evenly.

Pear Shaped

This sponge has a tapered tip that permits precision and directed coverage. The end of these sponges is helpful for areas that are hard to reach, like the corners of your nose. Spread over the product using the curves of this utensil gives a waterproof finish, whereas the rounded base bids a sheerer use. The slightly contoured form makes blending your highlighter effortlessly by gently sloping it on the apples of your cheeks.

Oval Shaped

The typical teardrop or oval-shaped cosmetic sponge is still the most consistent tool used by makeup bloggers, artists, and makeup enthusiasts overall. And for all the right reasons, it spread over a seamless coat of gel, liquid, and cream formulas leaving skin flawlessly flawless. The large end is helpful to apply your foundation, whereas the narrowing point is perfect for merger concealer over more precise areas of your face.

Multi-Tasker Sponge

The flat-ended makeup sponge is also correctly called the multi-tasker sponge. It has three different sides, and the rounded side is excellent for the primary application of foundation and bronzer. It is perfect for contouring.

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