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The Beauty Blender is a multipurpose cosmetic sponge that works with just about everything in your makeup bag, including bb cream, foundation, concealer, and more. You can apply any cream or liquid cosmetic product to the skin and blend it with the beauty blender to create a smooth, pore less finish. It is popular for its exclusive foam-making ability and sphere shape, which can virtually reach every facial contour.

Since its creation, the hashtag #beauty blender has been used by more than 1,000,000. How on earth did we manage without it? Also, there are thousands of beauty blender manufacturers supplying quality blenders around the world. 

But the Beauty Blender is far more complex than it seems. There are beneficial best practices that you can follow. Here is all the information you require to make the most of a beauty blender.

How to Use a Beauty Blender?

You can use our 3-step method wet, squeeze, and bounce to get the most out of your beauty sponge:

1. Wet

The beauty blender cosmetic sponge intends to work when wet, which surprises a lot of people. Run it under your tap until it gets completely saturated before each use. Your blender will virtually double in size, as you’ll see. 

This is what’s intended to occur! The blender’s unique foam composition absorbs the water rather than your product, leaving more of it on your skin. Also, it prevents your sponge from soaking it up.

2. Squeeze

In this step, you need to squeeze off the excess product, i.e., makeup, once your beauty blender is completely wet and saturated. You want to squeeze out all of the extra water so that you can use a damp blender to apply your makeup. 

After that, your blender should have the right level and size of moistness to begin dipping into your product. Since the substance will simply bounce off your sponge rather than soak into it. Moreover, you may relax because you’re not wasting any of the product. 

3. Bounce

For a perfect finish, you need to sweep liquid or powder foundation, concealer, or bb cream across your skin. Don’t drag the blender across your face; consider it a pro tip.

Instead of correctly applying makeup, swiping a beauty blender makeup sponge over your skin only moves the product around. Bouncing produces a seamless and fine finish that is free of streaks and lines. 

Bounce the wider end over larger surfaces like your chin, cheeks, and forehead. After that, bounce the pointed tip in hard-to-reach places such as under your eyes and your nose.

How Should I Use a Beauty Blender with A Liquid Foundation?

1. Start by using a hygienic and clean beauty blender.

You can start with a clean, moisturized face, and a clean beauty blender is essential to applying liquid foundation to your face evenly and effectively. 

Use a clean beauty blender to avoid spreading bacteria throughout your face and to ensure that your makeup is applied evenly. Therefore, always begin with a completely clean beauty blender.

2. Before using your beauty blender, it’s advisable to moisten it.

Always be sure to fully wet your beauty blender under a running tap before applying liquid foundation. Next, thoroughly press out all the extra water that you no longer want, keeping the beauty blender moist. You can stop a beauty blender from soaking up your liquid makeup by using a moist one. 

Additionally, a moist beauty blender gives the makeup on your skin a really natural and moist look. Therefore, always use a wet or damp beauty blender.

3. Evenly apply foundation on your face.

Remember to apply foundation evenly all over your face or wherever you want the maximum coverage before using the beauty blender. 

In this way, you reduce the amount of product that you always waste and make it easier for the beauty blender to spread the foundation across your face uniformly. 

4. Use a dabbing motion to apply your foundation.

Never swipe or rub your face with the beauty blender. Rubbing forcefully on the skin can beat the fundamental aim of blenders. Instead, use a stippling motion to delicately dab it over your face. 

As a result, your skin will easily blend with the liquid foundation. It will further give you a natural-looking finish. Remember that applying foundation to the skin with a beauty blender and not with a brush takes a little longer. 

However, the extra time spent is completely worthwhile because you will be enjoying the most radiant and natural finish.

5. Apply pressure for a flawless finish.

Spend a few extra minutes carefully by applying the foundation to your skin. This could be after you dab it onto your face. This will help conceal any sharp edges or foundation lines.

6. Apply a setting spray or face mist to the sponge.

You could now apply a setting mist or face mist over your sponge, but doing so is optional. This will fix your foundation if it appears too cakey or heavy. On the other hand, a cosmetic setting product will lock in the foundation and make sure it lasts all day without creasing.

7. Finish by rubbing your face with the beauty blender.

Finally, if you want a perfectly even and natural finish, bounce the blender’s rounder end across your face. 

Repeat wetting and squeezing out the beauty blender at this point to make sure it is sufficiently moist for this procedure.

8. Wash the beauty blender, then let it air dry.

After each usage, make sure to properly clean your beauty blender and let it air dry. By doing this, you can avoid having to clean your sponge before using it again and stop bacteria and germs from forming on the surface. 

Please allow your beauty blender to dry. Make sure to dry your beauty blender dry completely before storing it away.


The beauty blender is a magic tool to use for your makeup routine on a daily basis. There are several ways you can use it and make your makeup look flawless. However, you need to have a good quality beauty blender for a perfect and radiant makeup look. 

Therefore, Beauty Blender Suppliers bring wholesale beauty blenders at an affordable price. You may use it as we discussed above. Make sure to wash it properly after each usage, and this will protect it from any bacteria and germs

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