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PVA Sponge Wholesale Suppliers

PVA sponge is a high-tech plastic sponge engineered with elasticity and tensile strength to help provide durability and allow the material to last longer than other materials. Compared to other synthetic sponges, the PVA sponge is quite resistant to sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

The superb properties of the PVA sponge aren’t only used for blending the liquid makeup, but powdery products can also be well-blended by the sponge.

Some Of The Unique Qualities Of PVA Sponge Wholesale Supplier Include:

  • Soft when wet, whereas rigid when dry.
  • Extremely hydrophilic (it loves most liquids).
  • Non-scratching, non-linting
  • Abrasion-resistant and mechanically strong.
  • All the cells are interconnected.
  • It lasts for a long period.
  • It can be manufactured in various colors.
  • Splendid colorfastness.
  • Burns with no toxic gases.
  • High-chemical resistance, including bases, acids and organic solvents.
  • Molded and shaped into every type of configuration.
  • Heat-resistant.

From New Project To Final Production – PVA Sponge Suppliers Can Help You.

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To maximize the scrubbing ability, absorbency and soft texture of the sponge, you can contact the PVA sponge suppliers to meet the specified requirements. Through this, you can also get a good recommendation of the pore size according to your skin.

Let The Experience And Knowledge Of PVA Sponge Suppliers Guide You.

With years of experience in PVA sponge wholesale engineering, manufacturing and marketing, our technicians can quickly help you solve the issues or specify a particular product.

The prestigious PVA sponge suppliers have manufactured this extraordinarily amazing handy makeup tool to hold a large volume of water and capture particles and dust. They are manufactured in different appearances, sizes, and colors to meet customer requirements.

The PVA sponge suppliers welcome your questions and queries and any projects or ideas that might be developed together.