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If you’ve just stepped into the field of the makeup world, either as a user or supplier, then first you need to learn the basic know-how of all cosmetic stuff, even if it is any blush-on or makeup sponge. As a user, you need to learn the best way to use it, and as a supplier, you’ll need to learn how to pick the best one from wholesale stock, right peeps?

Here I am going to suggest some essential things which you ponder while buying a makeup sponge. And I will also recommend some top reputable sources from where you can get the best makeup sponges at a reasonable price or the wholesale beauty blender sponge.

Amon the massive varieties of beauty blender options, it can be challenging to pick the right one. Here are the basics you want to look for in a beauty blender:

  • Sponge Shape
  • Sponge Size
  • How is a Porous sponge?

Sponge Shape

While choosing a beauty blender sponge, the shape is the primary thing to consider if you’re looking for a professional look. To get your desired finish, you’ll need an egg-shaped beauty sponge.

The egg shape sponge lets you use a bigger portion for application on primary areas of your face, including; forehead, cheeks, etc. On the other hand, the smaller tapered end is used for blending foundation onto those areas which are harder to reach

Choosing an egg shape to advise will help you as a customer, but as a supplier, keep this tip in mind as your customer’s demand. They highly prefer egg shape sponges.

Sponge Size

The sponge size is also a must to consider. It comes in numerous sizes, so choose as per your personal preference. The small size sponge one vs. the large enables you to apply foundation consistently without any need to look at the mirror.

How Porous Is A Sponge?

Thirdly, the porousness of any beauty blender sponge is also something that must consider. Remember that a blending sponge should be absorbent but not visually porous.

The sponge’s surface should look visibly textured, with a bit of smooth feel on the surface. Using a beauty blender sponge doesn’t need to be moistened with water, so absorbent without looking like you’re about to do the dishes is what you want.

Best Sources To Buy Quality Beauty Blender For Your Business?

The beauty blender sponges are available in different stores. If you want to buy from any specific retail store, then some best names are;

  • MAC Cosmetics
  • Macy’s
  • Sephora
  • Ultra Beauty
  • Kohl’s
  • Amazon
  • l. F Cosmetics

If you want the right one from a wholesale beauty blender sponge source, then consider trading platforms like; eWorldtrade, Alibaba, etc. they can get you to the best manufacturer’s product at wholesale price.

Using Beauty Blender For Applying Foundation & Concealer.

Using a sponge for applying Concealer and foundation can bring a drastic change. According to celebrity makeup artist Emily Cheng “the Beauty blenders make the establishment application practically idiot-proof. In addition to the fact that it is simpler to achieve the unbalanced territories with the instrument that numerous brushes can’t—around the nostrils, under the eyes—however, it likewise serves to mix cosmetics flawlessly.”

In case you’re thinking about how to ace the no cosmetics look, utilizing a damp Beauty Blender and your preferred establishment/concealer may be your new go-to strategy. Another VIP cosmetics craftsman Joanna Simkin proposes that “Dependably work with it wet (clammy yet not dribbling),” recommends “It truly enables a face to go from ‘made-up’ to ‘perfect skin.’

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