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It is not a unique secret that Beauty Blender is revolutionizing the makeup industry. Since its beginnings, people have used the hashtag #beauty blender over 1,000,000 times. Some people use it wet, and others go with a dry form of it. 

You might be a woman or a makeup artist who undoubtedly uses your beauty blender on a daily basis and incorporates it into your entire makeup routine. But the beauty blender is much more than it seems. There are best practices to follow, as well as tips and methods you may not consider. Here’s all you need to know about using a beauty blender to its full potential.

In this blog article, we will discuss how wet and dry beauty blenders can make your Makeup look even. 

Beauty Blender

A decent makeup sponge is undoubtedly one of the most valuable cosmetic items you can have in your makeup bag for something so easy. We constantly say that skincare preparation and product application can make or break your makeup appearance. 

It’s true that having a good makeup sponge may help you get that beautiful makeup look with an even finish. Also, the best sponges can help you apply a smooth base, whether you use a liquid, powder, or cream.

How To Apply Makeup With A Beauty Blender?

The beauty blender is a multi-purpose beauty sponge that you can use for foundation, BB cream, concealer, and anything else you can think of. To get the most out of your beauty sponge, follow our three-step process: wet, squeeze, and bounce.


Many people have this concern to learn that you should only use the beauty blender cosmetic by making it wet before applying the Makeup. Run it under the tap until well wet before each use. 

You’ll see that the size of your beauty blender nearly doubles. This is what is supposed to happen! The innovative Wholesale Beauty Blender Sponge composition absorbs water rather than a product. It leaves more of it on your skin without getting into the sponge.


When your Beauty Blender beauty sponge is completely wet, squeeze it out. If you want to apply your Makeup with a damp blender, you can squeeze off all of the excess water. After that, your blender should be the right size and wetness to begin dipping into your product. 

You may be confident that you’re not wasting product because it’s merely bouncing off your sponge rather than getting into it.


Bounce or dab is the most exciting part now! For a perfect finish, dab powder or liquid foundation, bb cream, or concealer across your skin. Also, avoid dragging the blender across your face.

Swiping a beauty blender cosmetic sponge over your skin simply moves the product around rather than setting it on properly. Therefore, bouncing provides consistent, continuous coverage that is free of streaks and cakey lines. Bounce the pointy tip beneath the eyes and nose and the wider end on bigger parts such as your cheeks, chin, and forehead.

Why Should You Wet Your Sponge? 

As a dry sponge is extremely absorbent, making it wet guarantees that the product does not become completely absorbed by the sponge before it reaches your face. 

Also, dampening a sponge will add moisture to the application, preventing the product from being overly absorbed into the sponge. You can utilize patting and stippling motions to blend seamlessly rather than wiping along the skin. This may leave streaks or disturb the texture of the Makeup too much, so avoid doing this. 

Not only will it save product waste, but it will also make your makeup application more even and smooth, with a streak-free, perfect finish. Squeezing out your sponge is equally as crucial as wetting it. Since there will be too much water that will dilute your product or change the texture of the formula, it also results in a cakey-looking finish. 

After the beauty sponge is damp, people love to spray a facial mist or essence throughout the makeup sponge as well. Spraying like this moisturizes and refreshes the skin. 

Moreover, it also feels and smells great, and the skin mist that goes into your beauty items provides additional advantages. Beauty Blender Suppliers have the right sponges that you can make wet and use perfectly. 

Cleaning The Beauty Blender 

Keeping your makeup sponge clean will not only extend its life but will also help keep your skin clean. It’s best to wash your blender after each usage. It helps you to avoid dirt and grime buildup. 

For cleaning it, use warm water and hand wash or any kind of soap you want to utilize. Put the blender into a cup of warm water, microwave it for 15 seconds or more. It will clean out all the makeup stains and germs. 

After that, rub it to remove all the extra Makeup, foundation, or cream-based products from the blender. Squeeze out all the liquid and wash it off with tap water.

Dry it in a cool and dry place once it dries up, and there is no moisture left. Your beauty blender is perfect to use again for the next application. 

Not only does a clean beauty blender work finely with the makeup session, but it is also good for your skin. 

You can use a cleaner solution; it is a very efficient yet delicate composition that you can use on your blender as well as normal makeup brushes on a daily basis. Simply wet your blender and work it into a mild lather with the solution. 

Use it in conjunction with a blender, which provides a solid surface against which to brush your blender while cleaning it. You can have a good nighttime routine with good cleansers to get a glowy face in the morning. 


To get the most out of your beauty blender, you must follow all the tips and tricks as above. Use your beauty blender wet, and so it gives out extra benefits. 

Makeup brings authentic Beauty Blender Manufacturers from where you can buy wholesale blenders and makeup sponges of top quality. 

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