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If you’re looking for a tool to apply your makeup with an even and clean look, you’ve probably come across a Beauty blender or beauty sponge. Makeup sponges are little pieces of foam that look like a teardrop form.

People use makeup sponges to apply makeup to the face. They’re popular among makeup artists because they make it so easy to apply foundations, concealers, and other products. It also avoids the cakey look. 

Beauty blenders are an essential part of any makeup kit. Using a beauty blending sponge enables excellent foundation coverage as well as easy, seamless contouring blending. The first beauty blender came from a Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann. She introduced it to allow the ordinary cosmetics specialist to create flawless and professional looks at home.

Since the invention of the original beauty blender sponge, i.e., in all its egg-shaped glory, it has numerous more low-cost versions in the cosmetic market. They also come in different colors, including black beauty blenders and white beauty blenders. 

However, the pink beauty blender is famous among all that are available. Some cosmetic sponges are huge, while others are small. With so many alternatives and price points, how do you pick one? Is a huge cosmetic sponge more appropriate for your needs?

Selecting The Right Makeup Sponge

The production of various makeup sponges is making the rise in trend of Makeup Sponge Manufacturers as well. There are three main aspects that can make you choose your favorite makeup sponge accordingly: 

  •         Shape
  •         Size
  •         Porousness


When you are selecting a beauty blender sponge, first of all, the shape option is important! If you want to achieve a professional look without paying a professional to do your makeup. If you want a photo-worthy finish, you should seek an egg-shaped beauty sponge. 

Because of the egg shape, you can apply the greater piece to the basic areas of your face on the cheeks and especially the forehead, etc. The narrower tapering end is common to use to mix it with the foundation to places where your fingers cannot easily reach. 

Using the small end of the beauty blender on your under-eye area and around your nose will give you a flawless finish. It will give positive results without filling in wrinkles and generating visible creases or a cakey appearance. 


When it comes to beauty blenders, size can be just as essential as shape. There are numerous sizes on the market nowadays. You can select the size as per your personal choice. 

However, the larger the blender sponge, the more difficult it may be to use. When you use a blender, you might be able to see what you’re doing. Using a smaller sponge instead of a large one will allow you to apply the foundation continuously.

You can apply it evenly without stopping to look in the mirror. If you’re just getting started using a blender sponge in your cosmetics routine, a smaller one is a fantastic place to start.

This way, you may assess the feel and ease of application and determine whether you want to invest in a larger beauty blender.


The porousness of a cosmetic sponge is important to consider. A mixing sponge must absorb while being visually waterproof. If you are choosing a blending sponge, don’t look for holes, much like you would with a sponge from your kitchen sink. 

After all, you’re not doing the dishes! The surface of a makeup sponge blender should have textures while being smooth. Also, you must wet the beauty blender with water before use. It will make the product more absorbent while you do the makeup. 

Choose the best Makeup Sponge.

There are different makeup sponges as follows; choose one of them and have a good makeup session. 

Makeup Sponge with A Curved Edge

While the beauty blender works well, some very bright people found ways to build on its success. This is when the wedge sponge comes into play. An edge sponge is one of the most popular and common sponges which you can use for your daily routine. You can get this one from makeup sponge suppliers at an affordable price. 

In terms of liquid and cream cosmetics application and blending, a wedge makeup sponge is similar to a beauty blender. However, there is a primary distinction that stems from the differences in design. Wedge makeup sponges feature flat sides and bottoms that allow you to reach every contour of your face.

Makeup Sponge with A Pretty Puff

The Pretty Puff combines the greatest features of both the beauty blender and wedge-shaped makeup sponge designs. Just like the beauty blender, it has a unique round teardrop design to reach complex regions. In fact, it also has a flat edge for pressing, patting, and pushing makeup into the skin. These features will provide you with an airbrush-like finish. This fancy hydrophilic foam ensures your makeup stays on your face.

Makeup Sponge Made Of Silicone

The silicone makeup sponge comes next. When it comes to beauty sponges, you can consider the new trend in your makeup routine. 

Silicone sponges are typically flat with rounded edges and are solely used to apply liquid or cream foundations. Silicone has the distinct advantage of not absorbing a single ounce of your prized beauty products. Also, using a silicone sponge will not waste your makeup products. 

Where to Buy Affordable Beauty Blenders?

Beauty blender sponges are widely accessible at retail outlets and online. In case you were wondering, you can purchase it in bulk. 

With so many options, purchasing a beauty blender is a breeze. Both online and in-store purchases are viable possibilities. You can go for Makeup Puff; we have a wide variety of Cosmetic Sponge Manufacturers, so you can buy your favorite one at a reasonable rate.

If you’re a salon owner or a makeup product company, get our affordable makeup sponges right away!

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