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Any beauty routine would be incomplete without makeup blenders. They let us appear like perfect, lit-from-within goddesses. However, in exchange, we have to take care of them so they remain secure and pristine so they can continue to function.

Looking for ways to store and clean your beauty blender? It’s easy by simply moving it gently in a small amount of soap or cleanser that you apply to the palm of your hand. Gradually add water to the mixture until it forms a lather. 

After massaging the soap into the sponge’s entire surface, give it a thorough rinse with warm water. Make sure you squeeze out all of the suds. Before placing it back in your makeup case or bag, let it dry completely once all soap residue has been removed and the water runs clear.


Why Are Beauty Blenders So Adaptable?

Makeup sponges and beauty blenders have a slightly porous texture. They are essentially the ideal tool for applying foundation and concealer. The secret is to dab tiny microdots of makeup onto the parts of your face that require coverage using a “stippling” motion. 

This actually gives the appearance of airbrushing, applying just enough makeup to achieve greater coverage with less product.

Blenders for makeup are incredibly useful and adaptable. These multifunctional beauty sponges can help you cover up if your makeup is looking extra. Therefore, it helps with the concealer by removing extra products. 

They are also useful as the ideal serum applicator and are useful for precise eye shadow applications. Having said that, if you use it correctly, these tiny foam tools are the greatest invention since sliced bread. 

There are many popular beauty blender manufacturers who make the best beauty blenders and makeup sponges. One of them is Softcare; their blenders are no exception. You may place online orders with them.

Store The Beauty Blenders Rightly

Reuse Outdated Household Goods

When not in use, air-dry your blender and recycle old household items for storage. Keeping it safely in an airtight container encourages the growth of bacteria, mold, and moisture. Air drying works great for toothpaste, foundation bottle caps, and beauty blender packaging. 

By avoiding contact between your beauty blender and other surfaces, you can prevent cross-contamination.

Locate A Charming Egg Cup

The ideal way to showcase your quality makeup application accessory is with an egg cup. For a cute and useful makeup table hack, look for an antique one with a lovely floral pattern. There are many wonderful and durable marble or rustic carved wood egg cups available.

Make Use Of A Soap Dish That Is Friendly To Drains

Find a dish that has holes in it for soap! Finding a surface with the most airflow and the least amount of contact is the trick. 

Many soap dishes have “slats” or “holes” that allow water to drain through. For those of you who store your makeup on the bathroom counter, this is ideal.

Select Mesh

After ensuring that your blender is totally dry, use a mesh bag if you must take it with you wherever you go. You should not keep anything that has even little moisture content in a plastic seal bag. 

As this could lead to the growth of bacteria and mold. Also, there’s good airflow, and mesh is better for the environment than plastic.

Store Glam

Take an outrageous costume jewelry item that you might not want to wear on your fingers and turn it into a makeup brush stand that exudes retro-glam. 

In addition, you can locate something more elegant, i.e., consider a cheap silver thumb ring. Put an end to your spring cleaning before making such a donation!

How To Clean Your Beauty Blender?

Baby Shampoo 

There is nothing that cleans makeup brushes more gently than baby shampoo. Because of its gentle formula, the product clarifies without causing the material of the sponge to break down.

Procedure for cleaning:

Run cold or lukewarm water over the soiled makeup sponge. A quarter-sized amount of shampoo should be squeezed onto the sponge. 

Squeeze and knead the sponge gently until the entire surface is lathered with shampoo and water and makeup droplets are visible. 

Wash the sponge under water once more to restore its color. After putting the wet product on top of a fresh, dry towel, let it air dry.


Microwaves are useful to quickly reheat food as well as sterilize some household objects. You will need the following supplies to clean your makeup sponge using this method. Also, it includes liquid soap, water, a mug that can be put in the microwave, and a sponge.

Procedure for cleaning:

Combine one tsp liquid soap with one cup of water. Immerse your sponge into the mixture and let it fully absorb the contents. Put it in the microwave and cook it on the highest heat for one to two minutes. 

Take 30-second breaks between each to prevent the water from overflowing. Make sure the mug and mixture are sufficiently cool before squeezing out any excess makeup from the sponge. 


By using these tips, you’ll be fighting fewer mistakes caused by cosmetics and, as an extra bonus. You might have a really adorable new storage arrangement on your vanity. Moreover, for more eco-friendly lifestyle tips and beauty advice, you can visit our web page at Makeup Puff.

Beauty Blender Suppliers have the right blenders at the market competitive price and bulk quantity. Also, we provide wholesale beauty blenders at the most affordable rates. So, if you’re looking to buy them in bulk, we’re the right choice!

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