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A beauty blender is so stunning and spotless before you use it even once. Your flawless beauty blender will be full by a mass of foundation smears and old eyeliner streaks. Do you want to know How To Clean A Beauty Blender efficiently?

Now take into account the fact that sponges are naturally prone to bacterial growth: “The longer something stays wet, the more likely it is for mold to form,” says Carolyn Forte. He is the director of the cleaning lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute. Additionally, the fact that these sponges touch your face and probably contain bacteria. That is why it makes it even more crucial to keep them dry and clean.

This means that you should clean your sponge every day, especially if you have sensitive skin or acne-prone skin. According to Mark Chi, Global Trainer & Cosmetic Artist of Beauty Blender, Dead skin cells, grime, oil, pollutants, and bacteria can collect on any makeup instrument with everyday use. You will now hesitate before missing a cleaning.

Chi advises and explains How to Wash a Beauty Blender? Do it first thing in the morning before using it to apply makeup as a great practice. It serves two purposes: That way, your beauty blender will be moist and ready to use in addition to being clean and sterile before it touches your sensitive skin. Your makeup brushes and sponges will stay cleaner longer if you scrub them regularly. So, what’s the best way and How to Wash a Beauty Blender?

Method 1: Wash Your Makeup Sponge With Soapy Water.

Since all that you need is soap and water, this method is the simplest. Additionally, it really enables you to get your hands inside. Your choice as to whether to use a liquid or bar cleanser will ensure that your sponge looks brand new.

While holding the sponge under running water, wait for it to grow in size. Work in your soap in step two.

To remove makeup, put some liquid soap directly onto the sponge and massage it in with your fingers or up against the palm of your hand. To create a lather using bar soap, simply massage the sponge against the soap. While dish soap is a less expensive alternative, many professionals also swear by your favorite liquid and bar soaps.

Rinse the sponge under running water once it has been thoroughly soapy. If you want to avoid trap soap inside, be careful to gently squeeze it as you do this.

Method 2: Get Ready For The Soap Bath.

Mix some water and liquid soap in a small basin or your (clean) sink. Boil some water and use it if you’re really concerned about eliminating bacteria.

Now soak it. After dipping your sponge into the mixture, give it some time to sit. According to Jeung, this will loosen and break up the makeup.

Spot-Cleaning And Drying:

Give your sponge a few squeezes after it passes the allotted time to push the soap solution through. Any places that require more attention should be massaged on your palm with a bit of additional soap. Then give everything a good rinse under warm running water.

Method 3: The Next Cleaning Technique Involves Washing Your Makeup Sponge.

For those of us who have several sponges on hand or who are aspiring makeup artists, this technique works beautifully. It’s really simple for you to throw them in the washing machine; all you need are enough sponges to make it worthwhile.

Method 4: Microwave-Clean Your Makeup Sponge.

Try the microwave approach if you want to take extra care to kill bacteria without using a washing machine. Follow the instructions below to avoid having a melted mess if you simply throw it in there.

Mix water and a few squirts of soap in a cup that can be used in the microwave (a mug works great). No precise dimensions are required. Only ensure that the sponge can be completely soaked. Put your sponge in soapy water after wetting it with clean water. Olive oil can also be added for additional cleaning.

Now heat it. After about a minute in the microwave, let the cup cool completely before grabbing it. The liquid should be completely filled with foundation, and your sponge should be spotless.

Before squeezing out any remaining foundation, give it one more rinse under warm, running water. Organize for air drying!

Try all these methods to efficiently clean your beauty blender with perfection. You can try more different methods if you know any. Moreover, there are many Beauty Blender Suppliers from where you can source a Wholesale Beauty Blender Sponge.

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