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A Beauty Blender is the applicator that makes your makeup look natural, flawless just like professionals. Beauty blender manufacturers make these teardrop-shaped sponges useful to apply makeup products. They are highly beneficial, but these sponges have some drawbacks of these sponges. Let’s explore them!

People usually forget to clean their sponge after use which can reach specific problems. If you don’t clean your sponge after every use, there are more chances to gather and collect dead skin cells and harmful bacteria.  A a result, the bacterias’ can get into your open pores and cause skin problems as well as acne, blemishes, and breakouts. So, Beauty blender manufacturers believe that it is essential to be appropriately cleaned and sterile after every use as it is the main breeding ground for bacteria, which can then absorb into your skin.

Cons of the dirty beauty blender.

  • Sponges Result in You Using More Product

These sponges are highly beneficial and blend your makeup well. However, they require more makeup products for the perfect blend. Also, there is more waste of development, and at the same time, a lot of foundation stays of the blender. So, it is challenging to clean it, and also, that makeup never makes to your face. So, you can use a wet sponge to overcome this issue as it will not absorb much of your product when it is a dump.

  • They are Harder to Get Clean

Your makeup brushes are much easier to clean than the sponges, as these sponges are challenging to clean and do not look the same after the wash. They are appropriate for darker makeup, such as eye makeup, and they can permanently be tainted. So, you cannot get the look new again.

  • Wet Sponges Breed Bacteria

To correctly use a beauty blender, you should go for a damp sponge, but you know that these wet sponges are ground for bacteria and other microbes that can cause an acne breakout. So, if you are using a makeup damp sponge, always clean them and stop the breeding ground for horrible bacteria that can cause acne.

You Have to Swap Them More

A good quality set of makeup brushes last for years. However, these sponges need to be changed after 2 or 3 months as they do not have a longer life span. But if you want a beauty blender for a longer run, you need to spend more money than the makeup brushes. Also, you need to swap because of the growth of bacterias.

  • Sponges are Not Very Durable

These sponges do not last long. They usually flake and chip over, whether you clean them or take care of them or not.

How to prevent these drawbacks?                      

  • Replace the Beauty blenders after three months due to bacteria and dead skin cells.
  • Buy good quality sponges as they start chipping and cracking after every 4-5 months.
  • You damp sponges to apply foundations, and it will absorb less makeup.
  • Proper disinfect and clean them after and before use to avoid skin breakout.

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