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There is always a debate about the best applicator for makeup application, brush, or makeup sponges. Cosmetic sponge manufacturers have introduced different sponges competing with highly professional makeup brushes because people are confused about purchasing one. So, to consider it is highly essential to look at the pros and cons of each applicator. This way, they will be able to decide the right tool to use.

Foundation Brush Vs. Sponge


Many makeup professionals prefer using foundation brushes. One benefit of using such would be the worth of the brush. The foundation brushes are a long-term investment for any individual, though they are costly. One good brush can last for numerous years once maintained adequately after every use. With this choice, people’s brushes come in various varieties like different bristle types and shapes. The extensive array of options will also have different worth ranges.

Furthermore, the makeup application through the brush enables the foundation to last longer or increase its life. But it is necessary to have the right amount of the product; otherwise, it will create lines and look cakey and waste your product.

Makeup brushes let the user use numerous methods to support reaching parts that are hard to get. An additional benefit of using makeup brushes is that they can smoothly, evenly, and flawlessly blend the foundation. Also, they are ideal for providing a flawless finish.

However, you require careful cleaning after every use, such as washing or scrubbing the brush bristles. Also, please buy it from a branded or a good store.

Makeup Sponge

Another makeup tool for a cosmetic application like the foundation is the makeup sponge. Like the makeup brushes, sponges will have their share pros and cons. One of the primary benefits of using these sponges is the cost. These sponges are highly cost-effective and a cheaper and ideal alternative for makeup sponges.

Cosmetic sponge manufacturers believe this makeup tool is excellent for blending as well as softening edges. Unfortunately, people do not know how to apply and use it, and due to this, they waste a lot of product while applying as dry makeup sponge absorb a lot of makeup. But if you use a damp sponge, it will give you a flawless finish with no product waste.

Moreover, with this makeup tool, there are also various shapes and feels to choose from. Certain sponges will let the user reach parts that are hard to get, like the part around the nose.

A drawback is they wet sponges are usually more attracted to bacterias, and if you do not clean these sponges before and after use, it will let the spread of bacteria and germs and leads to breakouts. Another drawback of using a sponge is its size to waste about 50 percent of the cosmetics product, rapidly absorbing it. Thus, this needs the user to use more of the makeup product.

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