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Have you ever thought about what we can do with the makeup sponge when it is damaged? How can you reuse it and be more creative? Several cosmetic sponge manufacturers sponges get damaged after some months, and people usually throw them away. But this article will help you to be more creative! So, let’s look at how to reuse these sponges. Here are nine fun, beautiful ways to recycle your old makeup sponges.

Use It For Nail Art

You can use it as a nail polish applicator. Now you can get a perfect ombre nail by using a discarded makeup sponge. Here’s how to use it:

  • Coat your nails your desired shade and let them dry carefully.
  • Dot a metal or sparkle polish on the tip of your old cosmetic sponge.
  • Tap the nail polish from the middle of the nail to the edge, and work done all ten fingers.
  •  Go back for another coating on nails and get a perfect ombre touch to your nails.

Use It For Applying Lip

You can even use these sponges for applying lipstick and getting double shade lip color.

  • Contour your lips and fill in the edges with a dark liner.
  • Tap a lighter lip color in the middle of each lip with your old BB.
  • then, you will have a moist look on your lips

Make small stuff toys for kids

You can use these sponges to make DIY toys for your kids. These old cosmetic sponges can help you make cat toys and other stuff and entertain your friends with this bit of stuff.

Use as a paintbrush

You can also add more creativity while using the sponge as you can use them for painting. Kids always want something new when it comes to painting. You can tap these sponges into paints and dab on the canvas, and they have a fantastic effect on your image. Even you can paint the wall and make stuff on walls with the sponges.

Give curls to your hair

These cosmetic sponge manufacturers believe that these sponges are not only for makeup application. You can also use sponges for styling your hair by getting heatless curls. Here is how to get these beautiful curls.

  • you Cut old beauty blenders in half.
  • Roll pieces of hair around each sponge.
  • fix the curls with the help of a bobby pin at the hairline.
  • Wake up and open up, and have perfect bouncy waves!

Clean screens

Want to clean your screen or glass? No cloth? No issue. These sponges also work as a cleaner. You can use them for cleaning screens, mirrors, and tables. Here are simple steps which can help you to clean your screen.

  • Put the glass cleaner on the old blender in a small amount.
  • now, slowly move it on the spot on your phone, tablet, or computer screen to clean without worrying
  • It also works best on glasses or camera lenses.
  • blenders for camera screen clean

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