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Beauty sponges are very popular in recent times, yet they have been around for decades. They were common to use and appreciate on screen for movies and professional makeup artists. 

However, makeup sponges lost some of their trend in the beauty world until recently due to the increased desire for artistic makeup brushes. That is until the beauty blender came into the limelight. Beauty Blender revitalized the beauty blending landscape with its convenient egg form and attractive pink color.

If you grew up applying foundation with small foam wedges, the concept of a cosmetic sponge may seem a little out of date. At the same time the makeup sponge, on the other hand, gives out different applications.

They are even improving the beauty standards of classic beauty, making it a tool you’ll definitely want in your cosmetic bag. However, there is a minor difference between a makeup sponge and a beauty blender. Let’s see what the differences are and how to utilize them differently. 

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Makeup Sponge

A makeup sponge is a soft applicator with which you can apply liquid makeup products. Makeup sponges consist of a variety of materials. You need to be sure the one you purchase is free of common skin-irritating components such as latex.

The ideal sponges for sensitive skin will consist of skin-safe foam. Makeup sponge has a construction of antimicrobial foam. It is gentle on all skin types and helps to keep bacteria at bay. 

Makeup sponges aid in the application of liquid makeup. If you’re an expert at applying makeup with your fingers, these sponges are of no use then. However, using a beauty sponge can help you create a smoother finish, blur sharp lines, and even regulate the amount of product you need.

Use of Makeup Sponge

You can blend the liquid and cream-based products evenly with the help of a sponge. As you master the skill of utilizing a beauty sponge, you can be perfect. Here’s how we like to use makeup sponges to achieve spotless results like expert makeup artists:

Apply foundation to all areas of your face and jawline with your makeup sponge. As you apply your moisturizer, make the sponge wet and lift a small amount of substance. Also, it goes off the back of your hand.

Now, begin by swiping the foundation upwards. Moreover, to mix, gently bounce the sponge on your skin. This will assist you in avoiding streaks, giving a smooth application and finish with an even texture. 

Clean A Makeup Sponge

Cleaning a dirty sponge is simple, and most of the time, you will only need water to get it clean. When you complete your makeup with a makeup sponge, it will have makeup stains, which is fine. 

For cleaning your sponge, use mild dish soap or a makeup brush cleanser.

First, place your sponge in a dishwasher or washing machine to avoid damaging it and making the froth from heavier soaps impossible to remove.

Finally, never put your makeup sponge in the microwave. While some makeup sponges may tolerate heat, the majority will not, and it is not a safe practice.

Beauty Blender

The beauty blender first came to apply and blend any cream or liquid cosmetic product onto the skin for a pore-less, smooth finish. As it’s famous for its ‘unique aqua-activated foam’ and sphere form. This foam allows it to reach practically every curve on your face.

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Use of a Beauty Blender

You have to first wet the sponge, squeeze out the excess water, and then blend. It’s that simple!

Apply foundation, concealer, beauty balms, bb creams, serums, and moisturizers with this makeup sponge.

The beauty blender is perfect for its pore-less finish. If you dislike the tacky sensation of foundation on your fingertips, the beauty blender is an excellent applicator.

When you apply it in dry form, it might absorb a lot of your expensive makeup. The sphere shape, despite its claims, does not reach every facial contour. To use a beauty blender, moisten it first.

The Best Shape for A Beauty Blender

A beauty blender, unlike a conventional disc sponge, can be perfect to use for almost everything. The broad end smooths over the foundation, and the tapering point is ideal for concealers. Also, you can even turn it on its side to blend out those sharp contouring lines or to dab away extra product.

You can use the beauty blender, wet or dry. However, famous makeup artists recommend dry for initial application and wet for finishing.

Cleaning A Beauty Blender

You can clean your beauty blender in a variety of ways. Although most people use their own cleaning products, the technique is the same. Soak the blender first, then apply the cleaning solution and rinse until all of the surplus product is no more there!

However, there is another method for cleaning beauty blenders that works well. Put it in a mesh wash bag and wash it in with the rest of your laundry. Just don’t tumble dry it; you should only air-dry the beauty blenders to prevent them from melting.


The primary distinction between a beauty blender and a conventional makeup sponge is its shape. The various curves and points are appropriate for different sections of your face, and color can also play a role depending on the intended application. 

In summary, each beauty blender design allows you to get a unique, customized finish.

Cosmetic sponges have evolved into modern cosmetic applicators that can shape, contour, and give direction to your base liquid makeup or loose powder. Also, to any other liquid or cream-based products you use.

A decent sponge consists of soft material and has a range of shapes, a wide base and a pointy tip. To make it easier to apply even the most difficult liquid foundations or liquid highlighters.

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